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SKILLS summary
GIS SKILLS - Spatial data analysis including raster calculation & analysis; database design, creation & maintenance from spatial & non-spatial data; data acquisition; coordinate system & datum transformations; data conversion including CAD data to GIS & vice versa; attribute editing; georeferencing; geocoding; topology correction; cartographic design & map making for a variety of print & electronic formats; automation of tasks & tool creation using Model Builder & Python; KML & KMZ creation for use with Google Earth; metadata creation & maintenance; raster data processing; network analysis including distance matrix calculation; form, button & toolbar creation using VBA; programming GPS units for field data collection; collection of GPS locations & way finding; conversion of GPS data into GIS format; creation of ArcGIS Online maps; creation of interactive web applications; creation of cross-platform, location-aware mobile apps; training others.
ANALYSIS and RESEARCH - 16+ years scientific data analysis in many jobs one of which resulted in my engineering master’s thesis and peer-reviewed publications.
DATA MANAGEMENT - 16+ years working with databases and spreadsheets.
FILM, WEB and GRAPHIC DESIGN - Direction, filming, production and editing of short digital films; conceptualization, design and construction of web sites and animations; digital image creation, editing and color correction.
SCIENTIFIC WRITING - 6+ years researching and writing scientific papers and news articles on various environmental and business topics.
- GIS, Statistics, and Data Science: Python, R, STATA, SQL, MySQL, Access, Git/GitHub, Jupyter Notebooks, JIRA, Confluence, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, SciPy, Scikit-learn, ArcGIS 10.x (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox; Model Builder; Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, ArcInfo Workstation, ArcSDE), ArcGIS Online, ArcView 3.3, VisualBasic (VBA and ArcObjects), QGIS, TileMill, CartoCSS, XTools Pro for ArcGIS, Global Mapper, Google Earth, ENVI, FARSITE, QGIS, GeoJSON, JSON, Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MapBox, TileMill, CartoCSS, Plotly JS, and more.
- GPS: Trimble ProXR, Nomad, and GeoXH units; Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx; ESRI’s ArcPad 8.0, Trimble’s Pathfinder Office, GPS Correct and GPS Analyst.
- Film, Mobile App, Web and Graphic Design: Visual Studio Code, PhoneGap/Cordova, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery-mobile, ColdFusion, FORTRAN, Jekyll, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Flash, ActionScript, Adobe CS (Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Premiere, After Effects), Final Cut Pro.
- Other: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), EndNote, Quattro Pro, SigmaPlot, Surfer, Sundial Calendar System, PC and Mac OS.
DUKE UNIVERSITY, Master of Environmental Management, Durham, NC.
Focus on global environmental change, GIS applications, and film. Coursework in climate science; climate, energy and the environment; geospatial application development; coastal remote sensing; coastal processes; urban ecology; statistics; environmental economics; and documentary filmmaking.
Classes in cartography; geodatabase design; natural resources; spatial analysis; data resources; GIS applications; implementing GIS; GPS; and programming ArcMap using VBA.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ, Science Writing Certificate, Santa Cruz, CA.
Wrote print and radio news articles on pollution in Monterey Bay, California recycling, pesticide residues, lead in bones, computer models of volcano sounds that help predict eruptions, and sunken cities in Egypt.
UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, BOULDER, M.S., Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Boulder, CO.
Designed research plan to test a wind-driven ice maker for villages in the third world; documented the investigation in my master's thesis and two peer-reviewed publications.
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, B.S., Geology, Stanford, CA.
Typical undergraduate geology coursework with an emphasis on oceanography.
SEA SEMESTER, Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA.
12-week oceanographic/maritime program, 6 weeks spent on a sailing research vessel.
COMPUTER PROGRAMMER / SCIENCE WRITER (CLIMATE GROUP), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA, 8/18 – Present.
Write technical highlights and website articles for DOE Office of Science's E3SM Climate Model (Energy Exascale Earth System Model) at Enhance and create tutorial Jupyter Notebooks in Python for climate data analysis tools for climate scientists; update tool website. Examples notebooks include: a VCS Basics Tutorial and a 4D Air Temperature Anomaly tutorial notebook. Create 3D visualizations of climate data. Assist with tutorial video editing; enhance and provide guidance on software documentation; train support staff on posting webinars. Won monetary award for E3SM science writing and video tutorial editing.
GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALYST, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA, 7/17 – 8/18.
Created production web-based enterprise mapping applications for LLNL internal clients as part of the Computing Directorate’s Facilities Team. Understood client needs, facilitated interaction between clients and IT personnel, analyzed data to be mapped to ensure algorithms that feed data to the mapping applications were correct. Won Director’s 2019 Institutional Operational Excellence Award for being the key architect and developer of the mapping component of the Computerized Move Management System for Optimized Office Space Utilization.
VOLUNTEER GIS CONSULTANT, Colorado Outward Bound School, Leadville, CO, 1/15 – 8/18.
Assisted Facilities Manager in obtaining GIS software and data to enhance construction projects, site planning, and day-to-day facilities management tasks; advised on incorporation of CAD survey data into new GIS database; provided educational training as needed.
INFORMATION ENGINEER / MAP DESIGNER, Logos Research Systems, Bellingham, WA, 1/14 – 3/15.
Designed and created zoomable, interactive historic maps by coding CartoCSS to use in MapBox’s TileMill program. Researched base-layer data sources; compiled, created, conflated and maintained historic GIS data (roads, ancient river routes and historic lakes). Worked with subject-matter expert to improve the accuracy of company’s historic places database. Provided GIS expertise to colleagues; collaborated with team members; creatively solved problems; established and implemented best practices for information exchange and map production workflows.
SENIOR GIS ANALYST / STAFF RESEARCH ASSISTANT, University of California, Santa Cruz stationed at NOAA/NMFS’ Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA, 7/09 – 4/11.
As primary GIS resource for the Landscape Ecology Team, researched, compiled and transformed scientific and ecological data into appropriate GIS formats for analysis and mapping.  Created accurate, visually appealing maps in electronic and print formats for presentations, reports, and scientific posters, including information-rich wall-sized base maps for the lab’s Economics’ Team studying the costs and benefits of removing four dams on the Klamath River.  ESRI chose one of the wall-sized base maps for inclusion in the 2011 ESRI Map Book, Volume 26. Distributed GIS data to the public showing the likely historical distribution of salmon and steelhead trout in California and Southern Oregon.  Tracked down the proper way to run the model that created the historical distribution data and re-ran the model for a handful of new scenarios. Created spatial databases and data entry forms for salmonid fieldwork to measure fish susceptibility to temperature fluctuations and programmed GPS units with databases and data entry forms.  Trained federal staff and contractors on GPS use. Transformed GPS data collected during fieldwork into usable spatial and non-spatial databases.  Trained graduate student in database design principles.  Provided advice on GIS processes for spatial analysis of groundfish habitat and as part of a team, performed aspects of the spatial analysis.  Provided mapping training and advice to numerous staff from other research teams in addition to the Landscape Ecology Team.  Updated decade-long repository of GIS data with recent versions of existing data and acquired new GIS layers including land use land cover data, barriers to passage for salmonids, salmon redd locations, salmon management zones, ecoregions, land ownership, public and tribal lands, California and Oregon rivers (as routed networks), several Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta GIS layers, and higher resolution aerial photography and digital elevation models (DEMs).
GIS / ENGINEERING SPECIALIST, NaturEner USA, San Francisco, CA, 3/08 – 7/09.
Advised Director of Engineering on proper GIS software to acquire to meet wind energy company's first-time GIS mapping needs.  Updated and maintained GIS software.  Created or acquired and managed all geographic data needed to design and operate company's wind farms including: land boundary / cadastral data, roads, power lines, pipelines, digital elevation models (DEMs), digital raster graphics (DRGs) / topographic images, aerial imagery, elevation contours, vegetation cover, environmental and cultural data, survey data, wind turbine layouts and other wind farm infrastructure. Designed and created specialized GIS databases of leased lands and regional transmission lines from non-spatial data.  Created print-quality maps in a variety of electronic and print formats and sizes to show land ownership, wind turbine and meteorological tower locations, energy production, geotechnical / soil boring locations, wetlands and other areas of historical and environmental concern, special use lands, transmission lines, general wind resource maps and figures used as exhibits in company's legal documents.  Crosschecked legal descriptions on land contracts against GIS data.  Analyzed environmental data including National Wetland Inventory (NWI) data and Natural Heritage Program data for Species of Concern, to determine areas to avoid when siting wind turbines.  Assisted wind engineers and developers in determining the best locations for future wind farms.  Constructed queries, combined numeric fields, joined non-spatial data with existing spatial databases and summarized fields to analyze data to answer relevant questions and make special request maps.  Routinely created .kml and .kmz files for staff to use with Google Earth.  Created Model Builder tools to automate routine tasks.  Created map templates for monthly reports and worked with GIS Analyst in Canadian office to apply templates. Coordinated with surveying / engineering consultants, converted CAD data into GIS layers and vice versa, and reviewed consultant invoices with an eye toward maintaining a reasonable budget. Provided engineering support to USA and Canadian NaturEner staff on radio and telecommunication restrictions for wind farms.  Prepared GPS units for site visits.  Provided graphic design support for USA and Canadian offices including creating an invitation for a wind farm ground breaking ceremony in 2008. Maintained plotter and provided ad hoc computer support.
GIS ANALYST / SENIOR FACULTY RESEARCH ASSISTANT, The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, stationed at the Chesapeake Bay Program Office, Annapolis, MD, 9/07 – 3/08.
Created maps and corresponding databases for Chesapeake Bay health and restoration indicators for the annual Health and Restoration Assessment publication.  Worked with scientists to ensure these indicator maps accurately represented their scientific data.  Co-developed a web-based, interactive mapping application which displays the Bay’s public access sites,  Co-developed an interactive, stand-alone Adobe Acrobat land-use map for use by public officials, which allows users to turn layers off and on.  Developed standardized GIS shapefiles, mapping templates and tools to streamline one-time and routine GIS Team mapping requests, including creation of a series of website maps.  Created and edited ArcSDE data in an enterprise geodatabase according to established standards.  Provided on-going technical GIS and cartographic guidance and support to colleagues.
GIS RESEARCH ASSISTANT, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), San Francisco, CA, 2/07 – Present.
Compiled GIS data and imported into personal geodatabase of ecosystems services for the Sierra Nevada region for the Natural Capital Project.  Processed vector and raster data and performed raster analysis for various ecosystem services (e.g. carbon storage) including constructing queries, combining and summarizing various fields, and joining non-spatial data with existing raster and vector data.  Documented process steps and updated metadata.  Collected GIS data and created geodatabase for an update to TNC's Sierra Nevada Ecoregional Plan.  Compiled scientific papers and bibliographies.  Downloaded and used external GIS data as well as in-house ArcSDE feature classes to create maps for use internally and with partners.  Created / edited Access form for data entry by others.  Wrote initial draft of text update to the Natural Capital Project's website, Sierra Demonstration Site.  Liaison between TNC and San Francisco State University graduate students and professor who provided additional data-research support.
DATA SERVICES TEAM MANAGER, Global Energy Concepts (wind energy consulting), Seattle, WA, 12/05 – 2/07.
Created transmission line and population density map for client promoting wind energy development.  Managed eight data technicians who quality checked data from more than 450 meteorological (met) towers.  Distributed work load among data technicians and a senior analyst to ensure the team met its deadlines with high-quality products.  Updated clients on the status of their projects and responded to client requests for data and information.  Prepared cost proposals.  Designed and updated met tower database.  Conceptualized and implemented database solutions to streamline processes.  Coordinated and provided training to new employees including the creation of training documents.  Provided career growth paths for data technicians, conducted performance reviews and interviews for new candidates.  Served on company’s management team.
GIS INTERN/VOLUNTEER, People for Puget Sound, Seattle, WA, 11/05 - 12/05.
Analyzed and categorized aerial photos for the Guemes Island portion of the Bays Blueprint project, which identifies important island habitats for conservation and restoration.  Assisted GIS Analyst by answering GIS questions, especially regarding ArcGIS’ Model Builder application.
Created a series of maps of the Pacific sardine catch from 1916-1947 at various locations along the Pacific Coast as part a San Jose State University professor's research on the historic sardine catch. Drafts of a few of these maps are located on my portfolio website at
Created a Flash animation showing the change in the San Francisco Airport’s area from 1946 to 1993 as an extension of a class assignment. To view, visit
PART-TIME FREELANCE WEB DESIGNER in Seattle, WA and Santa Cruz, CA, 9/00-9/04.
Conceptualized, designed and constructed web sites and educational materials for individuals, small businesses and museums. Please see my website for examples.
OCEANOGRAPHIC TECHNICIAN, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 10/98-4/00.
Compiled and maintained database of sediment samples.  Collected samples at sea and prepared them for analysis.  Ran core-logging instrument.  Organized key scientific meeting.
STAFF SYSTEMS ANALYST/SUBCONTRACT MANAGER, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), Boulder, CO, 5/94-5/96.
Managed 10 avian-wind power research subcontracts.  Coordinated expert meetings.  Maintained budget.
RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Univ. of Colorado, Civil Engineering Dept., Boulder, CO, 10/93-5/94.
Investigated wind-electric ice making for developing countries.  Performed literature search, designed and set up ice maker performance experiments, analyzed and graphed resulting data, and wrote and presented masters thesis and two peer-reviewed papers.
SUMMER STUDENT, NREL, NWTC, Boulder, CO, 6/93-10/93.
Researched and compiled third-world electrical load information and hybrid system cost data into databases for use in computer model.
GEOLOGIST, United States Geological Survey (USGS), Woods Hole, MA, 11/89-11/90, 6/91-8/91.
Compiled and summarized data from scientific literature, assisted in the interpretation of analyses from published literature and mathematical models.  Programmed computers and plotted data.  Gathered plant transpiration samples.  Solved long-standing budget and procurement problems.
FACILITIES COORDINATOR, Stanford University, Human Resources, Palo Alto, CA, 2/05-4/05.
EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, Manpower/Stanford, Human Resources, Palo Alto, CA, 9/04-2/05.
SCIENCE NEWSWRITING INTERN, The Monterey County Herald Newspaper, Monterey, CA, 1/01-3/01.
TELEVISION SCIENCE WRITING INTERN, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Seattle, WA, 6/97-8/97.
RECEPTIONIST, Eco-Cycle, a non-profit recycling company, Boulder, CO, 9/92-5/93.
Certified GIS Professional (GISP) via the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI)
The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS).
Certified Water Harvesting Practitioner via the Watershed Management Group.
NAUI Openwater I Certified Scuba Diver.
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