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High Temperatures and weather web scraping Project
Maximum daily temperature analysis for six cities in June. Map, shown above, displays current weather as well as the locations of the cities studied. Clicking on a black marker shows key summary statistics for each city.
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Box Plots of June daily high temperatures
Box plots of the daily high temperatures help to visualize and understand the summary statistics for the different cities. The yellow box plot is for Austin, Tx and shows the daily highs fall in a fairly narrow band of temperatures for most of June. To see more details and interact with the data by hovering over the box plots, please visit the project webpage.
Technologies Used: OpenStreetMap, other open source base maps (Stamen and Univ. of Heidelberg), Leaflet.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL for API scraping and data wrangling, and Plotly for creating the interactive box plots. The Seaborn package provided an alternative view of the box plots in the Jupyter Notebook.
GitHub Repository:
Jupyter Notebook: Acvive iPython Notebook or an HTML view of the notebook
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