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I directed, produced, filmed and edited the following short documentary films.
  Audubon's Christmas Bird Count
    Short film about the National Audubon Society's annual Christmas Bird Count: its history, present day extent and lessons learned from more than 100 years of data. I created this video for a film class I took at Duke University. Length: ~4.5 minutes.
  Hurricane Irene made landfall in North Carolina on 27 August 2011. Though classified as only a category 1 hurricane, the storm washed out Highway 12 in two areas on Hatteras Island stranding more than 2500 people. Travel to coastal North Carolina to see some of these changes and hear varying local views on sea level rise and climate change. Length: ~8.5 minutes.
flash animations
These animations require a Flash plug-in, which many recent internet browsers already include. However, if you are having trouble viewing any of the animations below, please follow this link to download the latest Flash player.
Changes in the San Francisco Airport's Area from 1946 to 1993
  Illustrates the benefits of combining GIS mapping with Flash.
  Earlier Version of my Portfolio Web Site
    The introductory animation, as well as the entire web site, were created using Flash.
  Introduction to Addition
    This animation also includes sound and was created as the first of a series of math modules
to aid children in learning math.
  Web Site Under Construction
    This animation comes from an old portfolio web site which was under construction at the time.
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